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Meeting customer expectations can be a challenge, especially when you have technicians to coordinate and multiple locations to visit. Whether you specialize in telecommunications, healthcare, industrial and manufacturing or property maintenance, you need a reliable field service management software to manage your day to day activities.

Trellisys has helped clients master their field service management software for the past 30 years. We worked with a variety of industries, helping them to drive efficiency, streamline processes and optimize their entire service management experience.

Top Features Your Solution Must Have to Grow Your Business

We help our customers grow and thrive in the new digital economy. Learn about 7 top features to look for in a field service management software to grow your business.

Gain access to your business anywhere at any time

Your remote team should have access to the right information no matter where they are. Our full web ERP solution can run on all types of mobile devices, giving your team access to service information and customers data. Emergency calls can easily be added to the schedule which will trigger a notification on the technician’s mobile device. With a single source of data available anywhere at any time, your team is well equiped to drive business forward.

Drive costs down with route optimization

Fuel, long drives, employees who stay idle between orders, maintenance, traffic and route deviation can cost a lot of money. Integrated with Google maps, Acumatica can create optimal routes to minimize travel time and save costs. Since the route is displayed on the technician’s mobile device, the route will change as traffic conditions change. Real-time information about location, drive time, etc., is available anywhere, giving your team the agility they need to drive business forward.

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Take control of your inventory and equipment

With inventory and parts spread across multiple vehicles and warehouse locations, service companies are dependant on inventory management systems. With the right field service management solution, your employees have acces to real-time stock checking in the field. Integrated with purchasing, shortages can trigger replenishment orders to avoid delays. Recordings of the complete history of an equipment or machine installed at each customer’s site are all in one place, accessible at any time.

Drive customer satisfaction higher than ever

With the increasing competition on the market, building a strong relationship with customers is a must. The right field service management solution will provide you a consolidated database with all your clients and order history information, as well as technical instructions, to help you delight your customers and grow your business. Managing warranties is a time comsuming task, Trellisys’s field service management solution integrates this task with other applications to ensure billing accuracy at all time. With buily-in CRM functionalities, the customer information is visible throughout the organization, providing your team with the right information to take the best desicion for your customers.

TRELLISYS’ SOLUTIONAcumatica Field Service Cloud ERP

Trellisys is a partner of Acumatica Cloud ERP, the fastest growing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) on the market. Its field service edition gives you the flexibility to grow into a resilient and durable digital business.

Since 1987, we helped over 100 clients successfully implement their ERP solutions. We are an Acumatica Silver Certified Partner with a solid experience in manufacturing, distribution and service management industries. We believe in forging strong alliances with our clients, standing by them throughout their digital transformtation to stimulate a rapid return on investment and deliver exceptional client experience. Here at Trellisys, we thrive when you thrive.

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