Cost Savings and the Economic Impact of Acumatica Cloud ERP

In order to respond quickly and effectively to changing customer, competition, and technology trends, organizations require a flexible, and modern core to provide better customer experience. Acumatica Cloud ERP equips organizations with the tools they need to achieve their goals. With its open architecture, companies can grow and quickly adapt to changes while keeping the complexity of their processes as simple as possible while reducing costs.

The economic impacts listed below are a result from a study performed by Forrester, they interviewed four Acumatica customers with different before states to gather their feedback on how their investment in Acumatica Cloud ERP paid off. We present here a few of the benefits that were outlined during the research, to read the full article click here.

Increased gross margin by 15%

By improving inventory management, generating accurate quotes and reducing labor costs on manufacturing projects, the interviewed customers were able to increase their profits. With real-time reporting, the project management teams had the all the correct information and were able to negotiate better prices.

Reallocated 50% of IT time

Organizations significantly reduced their spending in IT since their teams no longer had to manage on-premises infrastructures, customizations, or multiple ERP instances. Moving to Acumatica in the cloud, the maintenance and the upgrade processes are easy to manage and non-disruptive, which means they can be performed regularly, ensuring you have the latest release and access to the latest functionalities at all time.

Avoided legacy licensing costs

With legacy systems, companies were paying user access licensing fees as well as monthly licensing fees on a per-user basis for a cloud system. With Acumatica ‘s usage-base licensing, their licensing costs decreased a lot, allowing them to grow their business freely.

Improved user experience

Employees were happy to have the most monotonous parts of their jobs automated, resulting in a better utilization rate. They also enjoyed a better experience since all the information is under one single interface, making it easy to learn and pleasant to use.

Return of investment (ROI) of 66%

Based on the interviews and subsequent financial analysis, it was determined that organizations would experience benefits of 3.5 million over three years with a ROI of 66%.

Read more about the benefits and the economic impacts of Acumatica in the full report here.

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