9 Strategies to Grow Into the Industry 4.0 with Acumatica

Today’s manufacturers face a lot of challenges, from increasing competition to more complex technologies, it can be hard to keep up with everything and strive to boost revenues and profits at the same time. The right ERP system combined with the right strategies can help you drive manufacturing growth.

Acumatica is a full-suite, cloud native ERP application that provides adaptable tools and technologies for manufacturers. Improve efficiency, decrease costs, generate leads, and increase profits. Here’s 9 strategies for manufacturing growth.

#1 Manufacturing Efficiency

With Acumatica, redundant and predictable processes can be partially or completely automated to help you save time and improve data accuracy. Capture real-time data from the shop floor with bar codes, RFID tags, and warehouse automation technologies to automate your processes. Gain Manufacturing Insights by monitoring and managing jobs with panned costs/actual cost variances and quantity reporting.

#2 Connected Supply Chains

Get a true 360-degree view of your customers, dealers, suppliers with an embedded customer relationship management (CRM). Increase collaboration people outside your company; with its unlimited user licensing model, manufacturers can provide access to customers, dealers, and suppliers to view the information in their ERP system restricted to their respective accounts, products, projects, and orders.

#3 Generate More Leads

Acumatica’s embedded CRM is integrated into HubSpot, the leading marketing automation platform, to give you full fledge features to let you manage marketing lists, email campaigns, webinars, and more. You can drive more business opportunities with B2C and B2B self-service portals (available with Acumatica Commerce Edition).

Use Acumatica’a inventory matrix to manage pricing, availability, and production for all combinations of inventory items (size, style, color). The built-in rules-based product configurator let’s you easily configure the price, bills of material and routing of complex products.

#4 Provide Exceptional Service

Easily manage contracts, warranties, technician scheduling, dispatch, and depot repair everywhere and on any devices. The built-in CRM includes a service and support case management system to track issues related to the customer’s experience, from sales to delivery to after-sales support. Use Acumatica’s service management features to coordinate preventative maintenance for internal assets and prevent down times and delays.

#5 Optimize Inventory

Optimize inventory levels, automate processes, and implement just-in-time strategies. With Acumatica, you can easily manage safety srock levels, set up complex pricing, and gain insight into ivnventory valuation. MRP helps you evaluate all material demand throughout your business to help you deliver good to your customers on time.

Get rid of manual and paper-based inventory and shop-floor transactions. With Acumatica Warehouse Management, you can automate picking (wave and batch), packing, shipping, inventory movements, and physical inventory. Acumatica Data Collections supports production automation.

#6 Manage Compliance & Risk

Database level security, audit files, security roles, wikis, and document management are all offered by Acumatica to help you support your quality and compliance initiatives. Avoid data security audits and cyber-attacks, Acumatica complies with HIPAA, SOC 3, FEDRAMP, FIPS 140-2, and other domestic and international compliance mandates.

#7 Minimize Technology Costs

Get away from traditional ERP vendors and costly user licensing that holds your company and your data hostage when you choose to leave. With Acumatica, you have unlimited users. Extending the information available in you ERP to others outside your organization will help you grow. Deploy your solution wherever you want, on Acumatica’s cloud (Amazon or Microsoft), on your own private cloud, or even on-premise.

For cloud-hosted customers, there are no installation costs, and the software comes pre-configured with many default settings. You also have access to a lot of documentation and online training on Open University.

#8 Gain Actionable Business Insights

Take advantage of configurable dashboards and hundreds of reports and inquiries. Acumatica’s deep integration with Microsoft Power BI gives you a deep insights into your business. With more than 250 standard reports, and pre-configured or personalized dashboards, financial reporting has never been so easy. The plateform is also designed to support artificial (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities.

For cloud-hosted customers, there are no installation costs, and the software comes pre-configured with many default settings. You also have access to a lot of documentation and online training on Open University.

#9 Extend & Enhance Your Technology Investment

Acumatica’s cloud-native design makes it easy for developers to integrate their products into Acumatica. There are more than 200 products available on Acumatica Marketplace to extend the application to help you grow all areas of your manufacturing business.

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